terça-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2007

I am...


I'm everything,
I'm complex,

I'm the sunrise,
The day's time going on,
And the eve.
I'm the aurora,
I'm the light,
The life as it is,
I'm the existence,
I'm the death.

The incandescent arrow,
The hand which hits,
The other that fondles,
I'm too.
The heart that beats,
The mind which cogitates,
The head that thinks...

I'm the air, the water,
The earth, the fire,
The cold, the heat...
A island...
The sea.
I'm small,
I'm the end.

I'm the empty steps,
I'm the shadow which follows,
The depressed face,
I'm the smile.
The sadness, the pain,
The suffering and the grief.
The joy and the notion,
The notion to love.

The spirit that roams,
The solitaries darkness,
The notion to cry,
To smile.
I'm the more,
The less,
The multiples,
The pieces...

I'm the all,
The empty,
I'm all of them,
No one.
I'm there,
I'm you!
I'm me!!!

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  1. Opa, esse eu não tinha visto ainda,descupa a demora, mas ela bem que compensou.está ótimo,XDBjuss